Singaporean Creators with Heart, Unite!

This is a home for Singaporean creators with heart.

For me, a creator is someone who embodies a spirit of discovery, and puts in the effort to deliver it in material form. I am not particular about which field you fit into, which role you occupy, or how popular you are. You can be working behind the scenes in music or film productions. You can be an unknown writer, blogger, dancer, or photographer. You can be a social activist, a startup founder, a policymaker, a teacher or academic even.

Anyone can be a creator. But most of us are not. Most of us were not trained to be. Yet what’s stopping us from learning from those who are?

And so I’m calling out to the Singaporeans among us who possess a passion to play with rules and conventions, whether aesthetic or sociopolitical. I’m calling out to the Singaporeans among us who possess the spirit of creating a better society, or becoming a better person. If you know someone like that, or are someone like that, then let them know that there is someone who is bent on giving voice to them!

I am extending this invitation to you, to share your story.

Sample questions will be provided in due time, but you are free to venture your own. Here, I’m committed to building a social soapbox, from the ground-up, with your truest voices and aspirations. What I offer is not a prime marketing opportunity. But I sincerely hope you will gain from this process a renewal of your spirit, which may hopefully inspire other Singaporeans – to be creators just like you. And maybe we can realize a Singapore fuller in heart, together.

So take this opportunity to pause, and deeply reflect on your work and dreams! Make this space blossom!

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