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Sociology Quotes - Max Weber on Vocation of Science

Self-Help Quotes: Max Weber on Scientific Personality

  Who Is Max Weber? A German sociologist – regarded as one of its three founders – and political economist. He surfaced in 1864, and departed in 1920. In his time, he argued that capitalism developed out of a Protestant ethic, which regarded work as a religious calling. As the...

Sociology Quotes - Ivan Illich on Deschooling Skills

Sociology Quotes: Ivan Illich on Deschooling Skills

  Who Is Ivan Illich? A Croatian-Austrian philosopher. He surfaced in 1926, and departed in 2002. In his time, he writes radical polemics which fundamentally challenged the logic of Western institutions. He was a boldly deviant thinker under-appreciated by both the left and the right in later years. Look him...

A Sociological Empath

NUS Sociology Module Reading Lists

Sociology speaks to individuals finding places within societies. Isn’t that what we do everyday, all our lives?

Social Deviant: Dabbing Physics Teacher in Singapore

Textbook that’s heavy. Paper that’s light. Now, paper on top of textbook; let’s try this. One, two – and three! Plop goes the textbook – and paper. Pop goes my heart, because the Physics teacher then does something none of my ex-teachers are likely to have done… heck, most students couldn’t...

Ken Robinson: 4 Roles That Expert Teachers Play

Ken Robinson: 4 Roles That Expert Teachers Play

Since I was on about the significance of “the”, here’s a counter-example. Again, I’m citing Ken Robinson’s excellent book Creative Schools, but this time over a less inspired, more mnemonic use of 4 categories. In discussing the functions of expert teachers, he used 4 adjectives beginning with ‘E’, clearly to facilitate...

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