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HK/Macau Trip: An Up-Lift-ing Night

I laughed my head off on my first night in Hong Kong. Though I planned our itinerary, I was minimally involved in the booking of guesthouses. Exam period, after all. My family had a consensus, though, that we should not spend unnecessarily on residence, especially as our travel companions aren’t keen to...

First Reflections on Travel Planning

First Reflections on Travel Planning

When it comes to travel, I’ve been a “leecher” – NOT lecher – meaning I don’t involve myself in planning at all. It has been the case for past family trips and volunteer trips. During the selection interview for my Laos volunteer trip this May, I actually asked, “What’s R&R?”...

A Sociological Empath

Falling Ill in Laos

I got the chance to visit a clinic in Laos – twice. Does it sound like a rare experience? Well, I know at least 3 others who achieved this feat, by virtue of being on the same OCIP team. Yet for the average Singaporean, it could feel obscure. Singaporeans may...

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