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Michael Pollan – Food Rules (Book Review)

Michael Pollan – Food Rules (Book Review)

Each time I surf the aisles of the supermarket for something new, I like to check 2 things. One, price. Two, Nutrition Facts. Yes, that rectangular space where packaged foods are virtually broken down into its components. As if I knew what 10g of sugar or 40mg of sodium are supposed to...

KTPH Comfort Ward Design

KTPH Visit: Hospitals Need Not Be All Doom And Gloom

Step inside Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) for a breath of fresh air. Literally, because the buildings are designed with gaps and fins, allowing winds to ventilate all open spaces. And they were spacious indeed. Yet the first impressions were formed earlier. The fashionable glass exterior is fronted by potted...

College Triangle of Priorities: The 4th Priority

College Triangle of Priorities: The 4th Priority

Image Link Study + Sleep + Social Life: Pick only two. Students all over must have surely heard of this terrifying maxim. New students, welcome to jail! Old students, your term will soon be up! The choice is yours, what you want to sacrifice. You are free, to choose which...

A Sociological Empath

Falling Ill in Laos

I got the chance to visit a clinic in Laos – twice. Does it sound like a rare experience? Well, I know at least 3 others who achieved this feat, by virtue of being on the same OCIP team. Yet for the average Singaporean, it could feel obscure. Singaporeans may...

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