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A Sociological Empath

Ross Perlin – Intern Nation (Book Review)

In my teenage years, I loved scouring collections of Dilbert comics. The characters were so implausible it was amusing. Till I realized that they were perfectly believable in real life – what a shock! One character, Asok, puzzled me though, because I didn’t know what an “intern” was, and why he...

A Sociological Empath

ORD Dream

Note 1: Originally published on May 31, 2013 Note 2: The afterword is (al)ready. A peculiar thing happened. I dreamt… of the day I ORD. Few details still stay with me, but while I shook the hands of ma’ams without making eye contact – whether out of habit or shyness – there...

A Sociological Empath

NS: I Had It Way Easier

Note: Originally published on Oct 20, 2012 Earlier this week, we were shown an episode of Every Singaporean Son II as part of a monthly gathering. A lad hugs his mum, bids her goodbye and then leaves with his dad to report for his first day in OCS. The dad...

A Sociological Empath

NS: When there’s No Work to Do

Note: Originally published on Sep 21, 2012 When you are at work, and you have no work to do, what will you do? Find or ask for work to do? Act like you are doing work? Sit at your desk and stone? Read, surf the Net and chat?

A Sociological Empath

Computing IGP profiles: The Value of Degrees

In my introductory class to sociology, I was told that back in the 1960s, one needed higher grades to pursue an Arts/Social Sciences degree than a Law degree. Law? LOL are you kidding me? It drew gasps all around. I had no way to verify it, but basic sociological reasoning informs...

A Sociological Empath

NUS Commencement Admin: Job Reflections

It lasted a mere 3 weeks, but it was my first paid job (less NS) in over 3 years.

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